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Electronic Engineering

Design evaluation

Based on the design requirements we first evaluate the newest integrated circuits to fit our needs. If needed we also write drivers for our firmware plattform at this stage. After tuning the reference schematics from chip suppliers we add the optimized circuit design to our library.

PCB design

Designing the PCB – Printed Circuit Board – is a very sensitive and experience heavy process. A good and thougthful Layout can eliminate the need for further design iterations and reduce the implications in the EMC lab.


Our inhouse electronic lab and close partners can produce complex multi-layer PCBs within short timeframes. We are working with premium partners in Austria, Germany and Belgium.


Building our own firmware allows better integration and fast development loops. Our stack includes several motor drivers, sensor integration and sensor signal optimization, high frequency drivers and LED controls.


Electromagnetic compatibility for every component is measured at the TUEV Sued anechoic chamber, allows us to perfectly react on interferences coming from or into our products