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We consider our management to be so-called reflexive management. It has the same features as a system function and, acting as a practiced philosophy, is both position holder and functionary. Co-reflexivity with all employees of our company is at the core of our institutionalized discourse. Our aim is to optimize our company’s innovative strength, our corporate culture, and the quality of our corporate climate.
Linear and thus unsystemic top-down orientation is supplemented by bottom-up impacts. In this way, non-linear processes, as they are characteristic for the auto-organization of complex systems, can occur without interruption. Moreover, emotional factors such as corporate climate and job satisfaction can come into effect beside personal expertise.
This confluence, in turn, enables conflux phenomena within our teams, leading to the creation of co-creative synergy of all forces concerned.
Our best possible concentration and use of all available skills and performances, underpins the creation a Global Culture for innovation within our company, which also enables sophisticated conduits for interaction with our development partners outside the company.

DMU GmbH was established in 2014 by Martin Huber and Alfons Wörmer in Pfarrwerfen, a small city in the heart of Austria. Within our first product development cycle until late 2017, a team of 20 specialized engineers has been recruited and the development site moved to Science City Itzling, located in the northern part of Salzburg. The technology platform, developed by our team is now used by our partner in 32 countries.

In 2018, the scope of development has been widened from Automation to Robotics. We are looking forward to contribute another influental product to the healthcare industry.

Ing. Martin Huber


Martin Huber is in the healthcare industry since 2007, having a mechanical degree from the Higher Technical Institute of Mechanical Engineering in Salzburg and a strong background in information and machining technology.

Mag. Alfons Wörmer


As partner Alfons Wörmer is in charge of Finance and Strategic Management. His core competence is improving communication interfaces between technical teams and our hundreds of partners we work with in our development eco-system.