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Mechanical Engineering

CAD Design and FEM Analysis

CAD Design with multiple complex assembly groups means not only engineering on the computer, but also a lot of interfaces to suppliers. We have learned that a stage-gate process does not work out for quick loops, therefore our suppliers are partners and work together with us on our goals from a very early stage of the process …

Mold design and optimization

Usually we start this workflow parallel to component testing in the first loop of design. This guarantees a safe industrialization process and gives our partners an early view on what we look for …

Rapid Prototyping

Inhouse 3D printers, a workshop and close partners help us to generate parts very quickly. This includes milling-, and turning parts, sheets, electronic components and mold-bound parts like elastomers.

Industrialization Management

We believe parallelization of development and industrialization is crucial to approach fast moving markets. This management is done by our mechanical engineering team and is the fundament for series production.