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Test Department

Component verification

Every component is tested at a very early stage. The component verification makes sure, the component can make it into the final assembly group. Against the focus on speed, our focus here is on stability and ‘it’s done, when it’s done’.

Mechanic design proposals

Test engineers work very intensively with components. Combing through technical literature, building up test benches and following the test trend gives an early feedback about the upcoming results. Mechanical design proposals make sure, this knowledge is not unused but pushed back to the core engineering team and can be reviewed to create more stable solutions.

Evaluation of sensor data

New sensor values must be evaluated by humans in first hand to define rules, that can later be applied to our predictive maintenance module. Different analysis software packages allow identification of patterns, trends and particular values.

Long-term stability tests

After a component made it through the verification, it will be tested inside the assembly group – detecting side-effects and proves long-term stability under several conditions (e.g. temperature chamber)