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Automation & Robotics

We are currently seeing an emerging trend for technology to replace the functions performed by humans to increase productivity. In the medical field, higher productivity allows the industry to provide more solutions for a larger number of humans at a lower cost. We believe that robotic automation is an important leap forward for our society as a whole.

The Design Process

Our process to design products starts with expressing a very clear vision of the customer experience. Even the most advanced technology is useless if it is not built around the real person using it. Emotion plays a significant role in what we identify as customer experience. This generates our user needs and product profile, which goes through different phases of analysis (freedom to operate, technical feasibility, …). After that, we start designing components and tests for components, while the master assembly group is done in parallel in CAD. Tests are an integral part  in the early stage for mechanical and electrical components as well. To keep up high speed, every possible process is carried out simultaneously; sometimes this means having some asynchronous development ongoing. This may not be the most efficient, but – in our opinion – the fastest way to advance nowadays. Any stage-gate process that tries to synchronize projects will slow down, which is why we don’t like them.


Reproducing prototypes in large quantities can be a huge challenge. Therefore, we try to shepherd and oversee our production partners as closely as possible. Sometimes it’s necessary to develop a new process together with a production partner. This requires a deep level of trust between the company we work with and our engineers. The industrialization process is an infinite status that is continuously enhanced to integrate new models’ components when old ones are no longer available and the integration of field feedback through development up to production level.

Design Process

Our Competences

Mechanical Engineering

Creativity, physics and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

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Electronic Engineering

Alchemy and magic dust.

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System Integration

On a top level all components have to be glued together to a complete system. Digital human superglue.

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Software Engineering

Conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, bug fixing and maintaining in the cleanest way possible.

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UX Design

The space where interactions between humans and machines occur.

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Test Department

Determines how to create a process that would best test a particular product in manufacturing and quality assurance.

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